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Hudson Group is an international retailer and distributor primarily involved in the sport and fashion wear sectors. The Group’s head office is located in Malta but is also present through offices in Italy, Cyprus, Morocco, Algeria and Nigeria. Though Hudson Holdings was founded in 2006, the Group’s roots reach as far back as 1987 when the first pair of NIKE was sold in Malta.

Sustainability Matters

Who We Are

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Team Hudson knows no boundries. Building a presence from the ground up can sometimes be literal. We have managed numerous projects whereby sites are identified, buildings are designed, plans approved, construction completed and shops fitted to exacting brand standards.

We understand the sensitivities and cultural requirements in the markets that we trade. We are confident in selecting and working with brands and product that well suits these markets. We go one step further by also selecting the right partners with whom to work in each territory to supplement the local advantage that we may need. It goes even deeper than this. Location is key and this is factored into our selection process; the most suitable locations are chosen to carry forward the success of the brands that we represent. For those in the West it’s hard to imagine a minute without the Internet.

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Some of the markets we operate in do not have full Internet access and indeed, some don’t have any. This results in greater challenges in communicating your brand message but this can also be an advantage if you know how to play it. Hudson knows which are the most effective and appropriate channels and forms of advertising to meet the needs of your message to your customers in these market.


It’s in our DNA. It’s how we’re born and bred. We’ve made it our mission. And it’s what fuels our fire.

We are Hudson. And no challenge is too great.

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It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery. We will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

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Team hudson knows no boundaries or borders. Wherever we are, all of us share the same energy and pride in representing some of the world’s most prestigious brands in sport and fashion.

We embrace a unified strategy, Which is cascaded through all facets of the organization – irrespective of location. The hudson culture embraces solid values and a variety of cultures. This unity through diversity makes us who we are.

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Wearing Our Brands with Pride

We live our desired brands as ambassadors. We showcase and make our amazing brands AVAILABLE to our customers and wear them with pride.

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Customers at the heart

We seek to provide legendary and WOW buying experiences. We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes when we make decisions, so we make a difference.

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Passion for Results

We deliver results with a CAN-DO attitude being accountable through to completion with 100% commitment and ownership.

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We believe in proactivity through improvement and innovation. We act with speed and simplicity so we are always one step ahead.

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The Planet

Protecting the communities and environment we work in. We are ecological and mindful of our impact.

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Belonging to One Global Team

We believe in belonging through honesty, inclusion and respect. We seek meaningful collaboration and act as ONE.


Leaders in bringing global brands to consumers in an increasingly connected world.

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Our Team

Our executive has extensive experience within the various fields of retail, logistics, brand development, marketing and people management as well as general commercial practice.

Alfie Borg

Founder & Chairman

Alfie Borg joined Time International Co. Ltd in 1984 as a sales representative and together with Daniel Reginiano built the company into one of Malta’s leading distributors and retailers. Acquiring a portfolio of world-leading brands allowed them to transform the company into one of the leading players in the sport and fashion retail sector of the local market. In 2006, Mr Borg led the management buyout of Time International Co. Ltd forming a new holding company, Hudson Holdings Ltd, along with key handpicked shareholders. Over the years Mr Borg established a standard of networking excellence made up of great brands and great people that was and remains instrumental in successfully taking NIKE and other great brands across Africa, Italy and Malta.

Christopher Muscat

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Muscat joined Hudson Holdings Ltd in 2006 as a shareholder following the management buyout. Mr Muscat has been actively involved in establishing and growing the various business ventures across the organisation that have significantly expanded the Hudson Group’s profile and turnover. Mr Muscat headed the Finance function of the Hudson Group until his appointment as Chief Operations Director in February 2018. Before joining the Hudson Group, Christopher Muscat served as a senior manager at Deloitte Malta and took on the role of CEO of the company in 2019.

Jonathan Briffa

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Briffa joined the Hudson Group in October 2018 and has since occupied the roles of head of Business Support and Strategy and subsequently that of Chief of Staff. In July 2020 he was appointed as Hudson Group Finance Director. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the finance industry having worked with international companies such as Vodafone.

Alex Cara

Chief Commercial Officer

Alex Cara has over 30 years’ experience within the retail industry, having worked across various sectors including sportswear, fashionwear, kidswear and jewellery. A thought-provoking leader, coach, and trusted advisor, he possesses strong cross-cultural skills having lived and worked in various countries. Having started his retail career on the sales floor, climbing the ranks, he has worked with several global brands such as Triumph, Pandora, NIKE, Esprit, and New Look, developing growth strategies, successfully managing geographic regions and various distribution sales channels at a global level.

Kalani Weerasinghe

Chief People Officer

Kalani Weerasinghe joined the Hudson Group in October 2021 with a view todrive the organisational changes required to enable the continued local and global expansion of the Group. She brings extensive experience to the role, gained over an illustrious career at various prominent international companies, in the USA, UK and more recently heading the people service function of a Global financial institution here in Malta.

Nigel Curmi

Chief Technological Officer

Nigel Curmi joined Hudson as Chief Technology Officer in 2023, a pivotal role in developing, implementing, managing and evaluating the company’s technology resources. Nigel brings with him a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of IT.With over 20 years of experience, Nigel previously served the role of Chief Information Officer at Steward Health Care Malta.Prior to this, he occupied various roles within the telecommunications industry including at GO plc, as Chief Information Officer and as Head of IT and Data Services at Melita.

Felice Illacqua

Brand Director - Sport brands

Felice Illacqua has worked in Sports Sales Management for over 25 years. He previously served the role of National Key Account Manager Footwear Apparel & Equipment for the Centre-Southern Italian and Malta Regions as well as for Italian resellers with NIKE Italy. In 2013, Mr Ilacqua moved to Malta to occupy the position of Sales Territory Manager and Brand Manager for Time International (Sport) Ltd.(part of Hudson Group). He was instrumental in the development of the NIKE footwear and apparel market in Malta and has helped Hudson develop new channels in Italy.

George Amato

Supply Chain Director

George Amato joined Hudson Holdings Ltd in 2004 as General Manager, later becoming a shareholder of Hudson Holdings Ltd during the management buyout. With a background in manufacturing, he brought an added dimension to the Hudson Group helping it to prepare for the management buyout by overhauling working procedures. Today Mr Amato is responsible for the data management, logistics and inventory side of the business. George Amato was Managing Director of a furniture manufacturing business, followed by a clothing manufacturing company where he was responsible for growing turnover and profitability.

Gianluca Salute

Brand Director - Urban Jungle & Black Box

Gianluca Salute is a veteran within the sports/sneaker industry, Mr Salute started his career in 1992 working for Converse. He later joined NIKE where he spent 5 years prior to moving to United Colors of Benetton. He re-joined NIKE as Sales Area Manager for the South of Italy. When joining Hudson in 2008, he took an active role in building the Urban Jungle project and is presently Urban Jungle’s Brand Director. He was instrumental in the expansion of Urban Jungle across 29 locations in Europe and Africa, which include Milan, Rome, Naples as well Madrid, Paris and Casablanca.

Indrek Heinmets

Brand Director - NIKE

Indrek Heinmets joined the Group in February 2013 as NIKE Brand Manager for North-Africa where he was focused on developing NIKE Brand strategies across the different markets. He started his professional career in 1997 with NIKE Distributor in the Baltic states before moving to NIKE EMEA as the Retail Manager for Middle East/North Africa He supported NIKE Russia during the start-up phase of setting up NIKE owned operations and later led the NIKE retail business from Moscow. From Russia, Mr Heinmets moved to NIKE Central Europe taking the responsibility for developing and managing Partner and NIKE Stores across a number of CE countries.

Joseph Borg

Brand Director – Fashion

Mr Borg, previously Managing Director Trilogy Ltd, led the negotiations between Hudson and Trilogy in 2021, which saw the introduction of premium fashion brands Calvin Klein Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans, Armani Exchange and Mango into Hudson’s portfolio of brands. Mr Borg is a member of the Hudson Holdings Board of Directors and assumes the role of Fashion Brand Director. With over 25 years’ experience in retail accompanied by a wealth of Fashion and retail knowledge, Mr Borg looks towards extending the Fashion brands represented by Hudson in Africa. Previously Mr Borg served the role of Co-founder and Managing Director for Trilogy Ltd. Mr Borg Started working in the family business and by the age of 19, decided to open his own company importing and distributing the O’Neill Brand. By 1999, he launched a multibrand concept “Chilli”. In 2008, he co-founded Trilogy Ltd and became the franchisee partners for Tommy Hilfiger, followed by Armani, CK and Mango, which between 2008 - 2018, opened 10 stores.

Ray Grech

Marketing Director

Ray Grech is a Chartered Marketer and brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing, sales and organisation management. Mr Grech started his career in the beverage business in the 1980’s and worked at all levels of Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, and eventually as Chief Marketing Officer on the Group Executive Board. In 2010 he moved on to establish himself as Strategic Marketing Consultant, working with leading businesses at senior management level. He also served as Chairman and Director on a number of NGO and industry boards.

David Shone

Country General Manager - Malta

David joined Hudson Holdings Ltd in 2024 as Country Manager for Malta with an emphasis of driving profitability, streamlining local processes, whilst overseeing store and wholesale operations, ensuring the execution of Hudson’s strategy.David brings with him a wealth of experience as a General Manager across various industries, including retail, manufacturing and engineering,serving in various locations including the UK, Germany, Cyprus, and the Persian Gulf during his tenure in the British Army.

Kieran Murphy

Country General Manager - Nigeria

Kieran joined Hudson Holdings in 2020 as General Manager of Hudson Business Development Nigeria (HBDN) with the responsibility to setup and establish Hudson Group business functions to support Retail, Wholesale Distribution and Ecommerce operations across Nigeria. He previously served as Managing Director at Lintons Beauty in Nairobi, Kenya which is the premier beauty operator across East Africa for MAC, Clinique & own brand stores. His extensive Middle East experience includes the following posts - B usiness Director at River Island in Kuwait, General Manager for Nike in Dubai and MEA Franchise Manager for Mexx Group BV in Dubai.

Kyriacos Zindilis

Country General Manager - Cyprus

Kyriacos joining Hudson Holdings in 2021 as Cyprus’ incountry manager responsible for launching and growing Kiabi within the territory. Besides this he is the Brand Director for the Kiabi brand. He area of expertise lies in helping companies set up their businesses in Cyprus and previously occupied C-level roles with Homemate Cyprus Ltd, as well as within the automotive industry – Unicars Ltd, GPA Ltd and DOMS Ltd.

Luca Moscati

Country General Manager - Italy

Luca joined Hudson Holdings Ltd in March 2018, occupying the post of Europe Commercial Director with a focus on the Italian, Spanish and French commercial teams. Luca, a Certified Accountant by profession, comes with a vast background in the retail and distribution industry having held various roles with Companies that represent Brands such as Carpisa, Yamamay, Jaked and Cyao.

Magdy Salama

Country General Manager - Morocco

Magdy joined Hudson Holdings Ltd in 2024 as Morocco’s Country Manager to drive the territory’s development,overseeing store operations, and ensuring the successful execution ofHudson’s strategic initiatives.

Magdy brings a wealth of leadership experience honed across diverse industry sectors, including his tenure at NIKE. Hispossesses expertise inMarketing, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Financial Management, supported by a strong dedication to Operational Excellence and Leadership. With a professional journey spanning three continents, his broad global outlook promises substantial contributions to our company's triumphs in Morocco.

Mustapha Saari

Country General Manager - Algeria

Mustapha is responsible for the general management of Premium Brands (part of Hudson Group) in Algeria with the aim of developing the people and strengthening the organization to accelerate business development. Mustapha has over 15 years’ experience in FMCG industry mainly in Algeria and North Africa, for which he was responsible to develop and execute integrated marketing and communications plans. He garnered this wealth of experience whilst working for global brands and companies such as Danone, Mondelez, Red Bull, and recently, Ontex.

Etienne Camenzuli

Senior Merchandising & Product Specialist

Etienne joined Time International Co. Ltd in 1987 as a Retail Assistant. Bringing a wealth of product knowledge, his career development is a testament to his passion for his job and the Company. In 2004, Etienne started his international role working in African markets such as Nigeria and Libya and later in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. He was one of the handpicked people during the buyout, becoming a shareholder in the Hudson Group. Etienne’s positive and optimistic attitude drives him and his dynamic team to live up to his motto of “making the impossible possible”.

Our Journey So Far

With roots in the sportswear business, Hudson has progressively grown to represent the world’s best brands in fashion and sport. Being the retail leader in Malta, Hudson has also marked a considerable presence in Africa and Southern Europe, particularly Italy, Cyprus, Algeria, Morocco and Nigeria. We sold our first pair of NIKE in Malta in 1987 through our sub-Time International Sports Ltd (TISL), yet over the past 30 years, we have slowly and surely strengthened our relationship with NIKE and other leading brands. We now represent a host of sport and fashion brands in the fast fashion and designer business through an extensive retail and distribution network.

Optimally positioned in the centre of the Mediterranean – at the cross roads of Europe and Africa, our presence in Malta as well as our knowledge of the continent, has enabled many brands to penetrate African markets.

Whilst its head office resides in Malta, Hudson has in-country offices supporting its retail presence in Italy, Cyprus, Morocco, Nigeria, and soon Kenya. The company is at an exciting point in its trajectory – with new store openings and new brands being added to its portfolio each year, garnering the role as the go-to expert in retail and distribution for fashion and sport brands in Africa and Southern Europe. With technology keenly on our side, we are now bolstering our Digital front-facing and backend capabilities with one local and two international online stores as well as a robust ERP technical infrastructure that is set to deliver the company towards further growth and expansion.

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About Us - Hudson Holdings (2024)


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