TNT 7-1-2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)

Tishwash: Postponement of pensioner salaries distribution until tomorrow due to bank holiday

An informed source expected that the distribution of retirees’ salaries would be postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday, due to the date of their distribution coinciding with the holiday of all banks today, Monday, due to the implementation of the semi-annual inventory.

The source explained to Shafaq News Agency that all banks in Iraq are closed today to conduct semi-annual inventory and financial systems operations, which affects the process of distributing salaries.

The source pointed out that the Ministry of Finance and the retirement departments are working to expedite the necessary procedures to ensure that salaries are paid as soon as possible after the end of the bank holiday.

It is noteworthy that the semi-annual inventory process carried out by banks includes reviewing accounts and ensuring conformity of financial records, which is a periodic procedure carried out in order to maintain the accuracy of financial and banking operations. link

Al-Sudani: The world has realized the importance of Iraq’s stability for international and regional security

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed that the world realized the importance of Iraq’s stability for international and regional security, during his reception of the delegation of the European Foundation for Dialogue and Development.

During the meeting, according to a statement received by {Al-Furat News}, Al-Sudani reiterated “the importance of the cultural and social diversity enjoyed by the Iraqi people, which represents a social wealth that supports communication between fraternal factions, and consolidates unity of ranks against extremism, which represents an ideology alien to our people and its history.” “.

Rais stressed the government’s “continuous support for this diversity, and the strengthening of places of worship for all religions and sects and freedom of practices in them, and throughout Iraq, which is full of mosques, Islamic mosques, Christian churches, Sabian-Mandaean and Yazidi temples, and the rest of the components of the Iraqi spectrum.”

Al-Sudani mentioned, “The attempt of terrorism to dismantle this heritage and historical fabric, and the victory of the Iraqis and their overcoming that ordeal, and the recovery that Iraq is now going through in various fields, just as the world has realized the importance of Iraq’s stability for international and regional security, and what the government has followed in its program strengthening the principle of government of services and community care.”

“And setting priorities in public service, economic reform, combating corruption, and fighting poverty and unemployment, to enhance the value of citizenship.”

Al-Sudani also explained to the European Foundation delegation “the nature of the constructive relations that the government has adopted with the countries of the world, and the prospects for fruitful partnerships with the countries of the European Union and the agreements and memoranda of understanding that have been signed, or with neighboring countries and regional countries, through adopting the principle of mutual interests, which is one of the results of the stability of the Iraqi experience, despite the problems it faced that the Iraqis overcame through democratic construction and consolidation of constitutional institutions of government, in the best way among the forms of democracies existing in the region.”

The Prime Minister addressed “the events in Gaza and the continued brutal aggression against our Palestinian people, stressing Iraq’s firm and principled position, and stating that the government is working with the countries of the region to prevent the expansion of the conflict arena, in addition to continuing to send relief and humanitarian aid.”

For its part, “the delegation of the European Foundation expressed its appreciation for the warm reception, and praised the tangible state of stability in Iraq, through the tours it made in the capital, Baghdad, and its briefing on various development projects, stressing the necessity of conveying this image away from attempts to mislead.” link


Tishwash: This is in Iraqi news

Japan.. New banknotes using “3D” images

Japan is set to issue new banknotes that will use, for the first time in the world, advanced holograms, as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

The Japanese Kyodo News Agency said that this change is the first in the design of Japanese currency in 20 years, explaining that the size of the printing of the face value numbers on the new 10,000-yen, 5,000-yen and 1,000-yen banknotes will be larger than on the current issues, so that all people can easily recognize them, while the tactile marks will make it easier for the visually impaired to know their value.

The process of printing currencies using the new technology is scheduled to begin next Wednesday.

By the end of March next year, approximately 7.5 billion new banknotes will be printed.

Kyodo quoted the government as confirming that the current banknotes will remain valid even after the new banknotes are introduced link

TNT 7-1-2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)


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