TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Friday, June 28, 2024 – [Part 2] (2024)

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[Part 2] I need you to tell me if this is right or wrong that I can go in and do the exchange and hold back a significant amount of us dollars. That I could immediately, just as a digital transaction, say to the bank through my private banker, I want to purchase dinar with this and I want you to take that digitally and immediately put it in a foreign currency account with the institution I’m exchanging with. And there it’s going to sit until the strike price gets right, at which point I can go to my private banker and say, okay, please convert it to USD and then we’ll do more with it, some in your institution and some elsewhere.

Is that a viable plan or something wrong with that?

It’s a viable plan if they do it. I don’t know that your wealth manager is knowledgeable in forex or does forex trade or does he have to pass you out off to somebody else in some other section who does forex trade? I go to a trading company because that’s what I know. I go right to the floor in New York because that was the contact that I have and say, buy me this right now and it be in my account versus being in a bank, being in the back of the line somewhere, or maybe not in the program.

I don’t know who your bank guy is to do that. Unless you put foreign currency in foreign currency account. I don’t. I would suspect they’re going to give you whatever rate it is when you convert it out based on their rate they’re trading that day again.

Banks set their rate at seven in the morning. Most banks only set it for one day. There’s a couple banks that change it twice during the day. You’re going to get whatever that bank rate is because you’re not trading on for us, you’re trading within the bank.

And that’s this where I always tell you, a little bit of knowledge could be a dangerous thing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be causing yourself more harm than success. So know what you’re doing. Ask the question.

I personally am going to use a forex trader to trade on forex. That’s what I use the bank. And they may have one that may be his sole job or not, I don’t know, but I know a trader in the past, I tell you guys, I lost $85,000 in 15 minutes because he wasn’t paying attention to my account. He was busy talking to somebody else.

Now, my next question after that is that we have never discussed this that I know of on our calls. Is there a way, do you know if these contracts that we’re going to have provides a way that we can bring additional dollars back into that same contract? Because my plan is to leverage a lot of money upfront, quickly, and then want to put a portion of that back into the original five year contract.

Do either you or Ray know whether that’s going to be kind of a standard option with these contracts?

No, we don’t know because we haven’t done much. All right. I know that anyone has ever mentioned that, but I would think regardless of that, because the contract, the contract, they don’t want you making changes to it. They’re not going to make change to it.

You can always create a separate contract with your new found riches.

Would you agree that when you set up the original contract, that just as you can make a contract transferable, you could also have the original contract written with the provision that you could add additional principal to afterward?

Well, I don’t know. Let’s say that’s really you in the bank. I don’t think they’re going to have that set up for everybody to do that automatically. But I don’t know how much money you have or what your situation is, so you have to take care of that when you get there.

Nine seven two, everything. Nine seven, 2400. You know, Tony, we’ve hit this number quite a few times in the year, and they didn’t speak.

Wait, wait, wait. Nine seven two, that’s the Texas number, right?

See, that’s the issue. So you know that when you call it, what do you expect? Look, hey, I’ll do the honor. Oh, I was gonna hang up.

I want to exchange, but I want to do it through a longer train of thought.

So, but I want to be able to get the contract rate right. So do you have enough time to just form a trust? That’s I’m looking for. Do I have enough time to get the truck done in order to exchange and be able to get the contract rate before run out, do you think?

No, why would you want to do that? Create a trust. Well, instead of in your name at this late stage of the game.

Well, because I got some other situations going on. So I need to really get into a trust. So I guess time wise I just want to know, you know, is that something that could be turned around fairly quickly with the magnitude of money that, that I’ll be getting.

So Ray, he gets a disability check. Okay. So. And they might up his to a hundred percent disability for mental reasons.

And you don’t want to affect that. But it might not happen to Friday or two weeks from there or every going. So he can’t have that money in his name because it will knock him out. He won’t be eligible for that anymore.

So he want to go in and say, do my trust today, which you know, and then get a tax id. Now most of it can be done right online. They can do it for you. And does he have enough time to do that and still get the 28 50?

That’s his question. Right, right. I just do the middle stuff in there because he’s a middle class listen.

Right. Basically I would say no because you can’t just go grab a trust. You need to know what you’re doing and get the right trust because we get the wrong one. That’s gonna be a night that’s something that should have been done before now.

That’s another reason why I would say no, because I don’t think you have time to get it done before this RV kicks in. We’re looking for this RV between now.

I don’t see you putting the trust together that fast unless you write it up yourself.

All right. Well, everybody else, so when you’re doing a bankruptcy, you can file the whole bankruptcy or you can find a skeleton. If you guys didn’t know that, it’s something you gotta go through to get to ask Trump. We did like seven times.

Anyway, if you’re in the last minute of a deal or whatever it is, all you have to do is file that skeleton and it stops all the transactions. So in the same form, can you find file a skeleton trust, which means the name of the trust, everything, go online, get your tax id number, go get your first page, list your trustees. Because the bank doesn’t know who your trustees are anyway. And I’m thinking all the trustees, the.

Bank is going to get the major information that’s going to list the trustees, the grantor, the beneficiary and the affidavit of trust. Now the unknowing person is going to take the entire trust document and give it to the bank. Then they’ll photocopy your entire trust. Now that could be a problem if you haphazardly do something together real quick, not knowing what you were doing, but you put it together incorrectly.

Now there’s a public record of it at the bank, the entire document, because the unknowing person will give the bank whatever they ask for. And some of these banks are going to say we need the whole trust document and you’re not knowing anybody going to give it to them. See guys, these are the reasons why I tell you all, stay away from this trust stuff. Wait till you know exactly what you’re doing.

Because it’s not the same thing as putting together a corporation, it’s a different animal. So 205 if your issue is I don’t want to do it in my name and you have compelling reasons not to, then hopefully you know somebody else you trust to do it in their name. I would hold on line and try to create a trust real quick overnight.

Yeah, cuz a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, Niki said, but okay, you go online and create an LLC and put it in that name.

Well, cuz the LLC only requires your name. Your first, you don’t have to have two, three if you don’t want to. But again, you get the tax number that day. Everything can be done.

And if you do it early enough in the day, which you don’t have because it’s right now. I mean, you go, I create an LLC, pay that. Do you get your state notification? They’ll do it all the same day if you do it before like 03:00 or something like that, depending on where you’re at.

So maybe you want to do it Monday or Tuesday. You don’t want to be the first mouse, you know to go into the bank. You want to get yourself together. Or maybe you would raise to him.

I’m gonna take this much down to the counter I’m exchanging and now I can afford an attorney who can do all this stuff right for me before I go to the bank.

That could work, right?

Gotcha. Okay, that hit me out a lot nicer. Tony, real quick question. Have you seen, I’ve been seeing stuff float around Internet of a 331 rate in country type going around.

Somebody put that out. But nobody’s exchanged you for no 331 or the whole world would know about it. It’s the Internet. People be jumping up and down.

Nobody’s gonna wait till Sunday if they got rich yesterday to start partying and celebrating and buying new cars or stuff. So, no, they might be telling that’s what it’s gonna be in country when it goes live, but it is not live in country.

Okay? And last thing, we don’t have to worry about this back rate screen no more because this is, like, 402 or something was earlier.

Well, it tells us where we’re. Athena, if you’re saying that’s their screen that they’re doing their back trading with. I told you guys Wednesday. That’s what the committee member was looking at.

And it lets us know that’s where they’re at right now. That’s gonna be close to where we come out. That’s all. And that just projects really, what the next day’s rates are gonna be.

I wanted to give you guys some news. Early on. I got a call from my stock broker, and he told me about a week ago that basically it’s called a teacup.

I don’t know what it really means, but anyway, he says that they were. He was looking at the dinar, and it was absolutely down to nothing. And he said, all of a sudden, it showed on the screen at four nine. And I said he couldn’t believe it.

So it’s called a teacup. It allows the brokers and hedge fund people to read about it before it comes out.

We were always told, if you are married, then you have to go in with your spouse, and that we used to have to have the receipts for what we bought. If your spouse has passed away, do you have to tell the bank that you were married to, or can you just go in as a widow? Basically, Ray, I think this is more for you than your brother. Can you just go in without receipts, just all your currency, or do you have divulge that your family.

Okay, I don’t know where your friend got that information from, but we never said that. No, we’ve always said, if you go in for the NDA and married, the two of you have to go. But if it’s no NDA, you go by yourself, leave your spouse home, and so, no, well, that you were married. Well, I’m talking to the married is just hearing what you said.

I’m clearing that up. So for this friend that has no spouse, they don’t need to say anything.

They just go. They’re no longer married, even though they’re.

Going for the contract rate.

What she’s going to say.

Okay. And I question widow. My other question is the CBI. What is their role in the end of this?

Do we have to have the CBI sign off on this RV?

Well, I think they already have. We just haven’t made the announcement, that’s all.

Let me ask my questions quickly so you can go on the currency article or not article, but rule that was found by Mike Smith, I’m still not clear. Does that, does that cover all foreign currencies or does that cover just the dinar and the.

And the Vietnamese Dong? Well, it specifically says dinar. IQD. That’s what it says.

The currency of Iraq is a dinar. IQD. Iraq. Authorities confirmed that in practice there are no restrictions on current capital transactions involvement.

Currency exchange. It says right there, this is about now at the top of the custom report, it says Iraq Vietnam. Paragraph. I read to you the statement, there’s no taxes on the IQD.

Or purchases or sales of foreign exchanges.

And the other question I’d like to ask on the, on the caller that called in about the dinar when he was talking to a stock broker and all of a sudden they said that the dinar had gone live on the screen or showed up on the screen at $4. Would that mean that it’s not showing up on forex though? Correct. No, he said that system is just like the system we have been looking at.

It gives them a look into the future. It’s telling them this is what’s about to happen. Not that it’s live and fund makers and everybody else have a projected start now. He didn’t give us a date.

He said his guys excited because it always said nothing. Zero flat lines. All of a sudden today it showed up at $4. So that’s good.

I have a lot of dinar and I was going to give 100,000 to four or five, six or ten people.

But because they weren’t going to go, I was under the assumption they weren’t going to get the highest rate. I was going to keep it all and then give it to them through trusts. But Tony, what I heard you say Wednesday was that there’s a maximum that you can cash in for the 28, 50, but there’s no minimum. So that, so that I could be able to give all the people I care about 100,000 and all they have to do is go in and ask for the highest rate.

Am I correct on that?

So you could give them a hundred thousand dinar, they could call the 800 number, you know, put me in, ask for the highest rate. They’re not going to be able to walk into a bank or a teller and get the highest rate. Now it’s going to be the bank’s discretion. Whether they give it to that person, I don’t know.

I don’t even know if they’ll give an appointment. And on 800 number, just a hundred thousand off. They mean to direct people to the telephone. I don’t know that.

But what I do know is they told me, all you supposed to do is ask for it. But you got to get an appointment through the 800 number wealth manager to ask for. Now here’s, your situation is different. If you have 100 million or whatever it is, and you’re passing out hundred thousand dollars, when you go and sit up and do your exchange with your wealth manager, why don’t you connect them with him?

Why don’t you say, hey, I want to do all this at 28 50, but I need to give John Paul and Mary 100,000 each. So I want you to make their separate contract at 28 50. Before that, I’m giving you all this.

Okay, that sounds like a great idea. The last thing is, apparently today would be maybe the last day we can buy dinar on the open market. Even though I think I saw that it went from $1,000 per million up to like 2000 per million right now. Anyway, I think today’s the last day.

Well, I checked a few days ago to see if I should buy some more. And what I had been buying at $1,000 per million was now 2000 per million. There are so many, there are very many that have run out of dinar just out of stock. So I found a couple places that were selling it basically for double what I paid for it.

79 trillion IQD that’s missing, will they be able to find Ray in the divorce court?

Helping represent folks. He meant representing people. But anyway, I might have to help somebody try to reclaim their money.

Have a call about it because first I’m going to do the ten days of exchange. That’s what those ten days are for. Just talking about the exchange, the rate, procedures, stuff that people help each other out with and things that they’re going to do. Unless there’s something that a bank wants me to tell you.

So I don’t want to confuse you at the end of that 10th day. So what’s the love day? I’ll do a call and say, hey, this one we’re going to start our giving for the next ten days and this is where you’re going to send the information to and you can give it any way you want to. We’ll ask questions and come up with something at the end of those ten days.

TNT Superfantastic Conference Call Extracts & Q/As – Friday, June 28, 2024 – [Part 2] (2024)


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