Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (2024)

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (1)Lisa-Ann Wuermser
2024-04-07 19:24:11 GMT

I am so happy to find Katie at this store! As a woman of a certain age, I am often ignored in stores, especially beauty stores. Not here. Katie notices me looking, hunts down affordable products, and basically gives great customer service.
I love this store!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (2)victoria tavera
2024-04-26 03:29:51 GMT

Got my hair cut by Yadira, and I had such a good experience! She made me feel comfortable and heard. I will definitely be coming back to this location.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (3)Lee Davis
2024-01-05 00:33:43 GMT

They were out of the fragrance my husband wanted for Christmas, so a sweet young lady who works for a fragrance vendor that did not include the brand Versace called the Casa Linda Ulta & had them hold one for me. Her name was Paola & she made me so happy I was able to buy a certain gift my husband wanted. :)

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (4)Becca
2024-05-22 20:41:18 GMT

Store was clean, organized and well lit. I interacted with three different employees and all were friendly and helpful.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (5)Alexus Parker
2023-07-02 22:30:30 GMT

I honestly prefer this location over the one on North Park. I stay in Dallas so the closest one to me is Cedar Hill or Town East. However, they have better customer support. I was looking for a perfume ( Valention Donna born in roma yellow ) it wasn’t at this location, it was at the one off North Park. Carlynn was happy to assist and answer all questions related to eligible coupons I could use on todays visit. Was able to redeem my birthday freebie and got 5x points when I did my pick up order at North Park. I’ll forever shop at the Casa Linda location as long as she is here. Thank you for making this a good store experience.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (6)Kelsey Stanley
2024-01-27 02:34:53 GMT

Went to the salon and got my haircut with Sophie, she was so great and didn’t try to upsell me on anything which was so appreciate. Def coming back to see my new favorite stylist!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (7)Ursula J
2024-04-20 23:02:05 GMT

My first time Here was a dream. The staff was magnificent. Very helpful. Fully stocked. Clean.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (8)Lindsay Brown
2021-03-24 23:02:18 GMT

*This review is for the salon*
To say that Logan is a miracle worker would be and understatement! I have majorly thinning hair and I'm very self conscious about it. Logan suggested tape in extensions to add volume and HOLY WOW I am blown away. I feel beautiful every single time I leave the salon but this last time left me with more confidence than I have felt in a long time. If you are looking for an amazing stylist that can work wonders with any hair type, go see Logan. Go see him right now! You won't be disappointed.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (9)Maeve Jones
2024-05-16 23:22:19 GMT

Loved my experience here with Carlynn! She was very helpful and sweet as well as very knowledgeable!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (10)Allison Patrick
2023-08-06 19:04:33 GMT

This is one of the best Ulta's I have ever been to! I am a regular client that comes to see Logan, and I wouldn't change a thing! He is so kind and helpful! I 100% trust him with anything he does! When shopping, everyone is so kind and helpful! I choose this store out of two others that are even closer to my house. I'm so thankful for Ulta Garland Road!!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (11)Caiyla M.
2024-04-07 19:40:29 GMT

only leaving this review because of the super nice girl with the purple hair and glasses ! luv her

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (12)Elizabeth Tenorio
2024-05-05 17:07:01 GMT

Katie is always friendly and proactively looking to help you. This is my favorite Ulta. 😁

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (13)Nora Kennedy
2023-07-16 21:12:15 GMT

I have been going to the salon for several months now and have never had a bad experience. The staff is always pleasant and works to make each visit a special experience.
Hair cut/color: Cecilia is AMAZING and such an awesome stylist! When I wanted to update my style, she gave me some ideas and helped me find a color that really fit me. After each appointment, I usually go shopping nearby. Every time I do, I have at least one person comment on how good my hair/color looks.
Makeup/Hair Style: Logan did an amazing job getting me ready for a wedding with formal makeup and hair styling. He matched my style PERFECTLY and I received multiple compliments on how natural it looked. Even though the time was already booked, he fit me into his schedule and got me all setup in less than an hour.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (14)Anessa Salmeron
2019-09-26 23:26:46 GMT

I love shopping at Ulta! I was approached by 2 people asking if I needed assistance which I greatly appreciate. Check out was fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. My random buys today

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (15)Alexandra Sutherland
2020-07-08 04:05:34 GMT

SO thankful for Logan at the Ulta Salon!

As a singer, I was super paranoid about going anywhere with the risk of Covid, but I must say that the salon at Casa Linda Ulta did a SPECTACULAR job of sanitation, social distancing, and making me feel safe.

Onto my actual cut: I cannot recommend Logan enough. I brought him some pictures of what I wanted and he showed me ways to style it to achieve that while also being realistic about what my hair and hair type can and can’t do. I got a deep conditioning treatment and my hair felt so soft and healthy walking out! I received so many compliments and I just love love love my new hair. Thank you, Logan for making me feel so spoiled and glamorous and for giving me a sense of normalcy through this crazy time. Can’t wait to see you in August!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (16)V Q
2023-06-26 02:56:03 GMT

I walked in here the other night with my son who is on the spectrum. He wasn’t misbehaving but you can tell he just didn’t want to stay put. A girl helped me find what I was looking for right away and never made me feel like my son was a bother to her or the store. I wish I remembered her name, but she has no idea how much it meant to me how welcoming and willing to help me find what I was looking for. She even walked up to the register as I was paying to kind of “play” with my son so he wouldn’t run away. I hate how I was rushing and didn’t catch her name but I will update this review as soon as I get it. She is AMAZING!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (17)Heather Bryan
2023-04-19 03:34:22 GMT

I took my daughter in for a makeup appointment. We were so impressed with the knowledge and care our stylist took with her. Age appropriate, friendly, helpful. Awesome experience for a young girl curious about makeup and skin care.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (18)Luke Post
2023-12-10 18:10:30 GMT

Was here with my lady and managed to snag the last of the moisturizing gel that she uses without her noticing. Score!

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (19)Israel
2021-11-09 10:40:55 GMT

I stopped by 11/8/21. I had a great encounter with Leigh Ann. She was very friendly and did what she could to answer questions and get me taken care of. I even qualified for an Ulta credit card. All in all, she was exceptional and even helped me located another fragrance they didn’t carry, that’s great customer service. I’ll definitely be back due to her.

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (20)Salvador Lazo
2023-10-14 18:12:08 GMT

I purchased a cologne from a different location, and I returned her at this location not only were they accommodating to return my cologne that I was unhappy with, but they suggested a new cologne that just hit the market and I was in love with the smell

Ulta Beauty, Highland Park Reviews (2024)


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